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I just wanted to announce that I am now going to be selling my designs in two stores! I will have full size kits, mini kits, templates, and commercial use items available. You can find me at Butterfly Blush Designs and Scrap Heaven Boutique. I only have one product up so far, lol, but be sure to check back as I have a bunch of stuff in the works!

I will still be putting my  freebies here on this blog, but they will be available for download for one week and then will go into the dollar bin at my stores or will be added to larger kits. Blog train freebies will always be available for free.

And now, if you’ve read this far, here is a little present : ) .  This is the invitation I made for my darling daughter’s birthday party. The text is all in separate layers so that you can change it up. Use it as an invitation or  as a brag book quick page! Just click on the preview ro download. Enjoy!


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Hello! I have the alpha for you today. It has both uppers and lowers, plus symbols. The caterpillar and hole are on separate layers, so you can place them where ever you want on the letters. Or, you don’t have to use them at all!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the QP/Invitation. Plus, I might have some exciting news in the next few days!

Here’s the alpha. What do you think of my new sample bag? I made it myself. Do you like this or the jar better? Click the preview to download. Enjoy!

Alpha Preview

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Today I have the second part of the Hungry Caterpillars elements. I have really had a lot of fun making this kit. Tomorrow you will get the alpha, Friday I will have the QP/Invitation, and then Saturday or Sunday I might have another template.  I think my next project might be a birthday kit so I can scrap all the pictures from my darling daughter’s upcoming  party. I can’t believe she will be two already! Time just really flies!

And, the exciting news (at least for me): There have been over 1,000 hits on my site! I was afraid that no one would stop by and I would be making all of these freebies for just myself. Not that I still wouldn’t enjoy making them, but it’s so much more fun to be able to give back to others! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site! I hope you’re enjoying the freebies.

Without further ado, here are the rest of the elements. It’s the same preview as yesterday, but different elements. Just click the preview to download. Enjoy!

Caterpillar Preview

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Oh, so I got carried away. I figured I would, because I was having so much fun making these elements! There are over 40 of them! Maybe I should stop calling this a mini kit! Since there are so many, I’ve broken it down into two downloads. One for today and one for tomorrow : ) . Also, I made a new preview template for myself. I’m experimenting, trying to find what I like best. I thought I’d try my hand at making my own.

Just click the preview to download the first part of the elements. I hope you love them as much as I do!Caterpillar Preview

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I am SO EXCITED about my new mini kit! I just love the way the elements are turning out. Just wait until you see them! I am experimenting with different effects to make them look like they have come from a children’s book.

Just like last week, I’ll give away the different parts on separate days this week. Today you get the papers! Be sure to check back for the elements (they might be in two downloads if I get carried away), an alpha, and a blank invitation. Also, I should have some more templates and layouts.

Without further ado, here are the papers. Just click the preview to download. Enjoy!

Caterpillar Paper Preview

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