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Hey, there! I’m putting my newest kit in my stores today, Vintage Romance. I think this might be my favorite kit so far! You can snag it at any of my stores (links are on the right).


I’m working on sizing it down for all of you taggers, too!

Now for your freebie: it’s a commercial use frame cluster in gray-scale for easy recoloring. Click the preview to download from 4Shared. Enjoy!


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Sorry for the long absence, but I am finally back from vacation. We had a fabulous time at the beach, and I’m a little sad to be back home. I miss the sun and surf. But, at least I now have a ton of great pics to scrap!

In the midst of working on completing my next zoo kit this weekend, I am also potty training my two year old. Talk about a mess! We have been diaper-free for over 48 hrs now, and she’s still hit or miss (hehe!). I hope she gets the idea soon!

First of all, there is a store-wide 35% off sale at Scrap It Sassy this weekend! Jump on over and stock up on your faves! Plus, my good friend Lauren at Rustic Charm Creations is having her Grand Opening Sale this weekend, too! She has a lot of new stuff in the store, so be sure to check it out!

Today’s freebie comes from my new kit. I made a keychain frame similar to one I got at the beach (with the kids pics in it of course). This digital version has a cool leather texture and is grey-scaled for easy recoloring. I saved it in both .psd and .png this time, so anyone can use it! It’s CU-friendly- no credit necessary, but appreciated. If you are new to this and aren’t sure how to re-color it, just leave me a comment and I’ll give you some pointers. Click the preview to download. Enjoy!


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Thanks so much for the input on the poll!

I wanted to let you know that there is a huge sale going on this weekend at Butterfly Blush Designs! (See blinky on the right.) Several designers (myself included) have their stuff on sale for just $0.99! Plus, if you spend $3, you get our huge collab (Romance in Paris) free! What are you waiting for? Head over to BBD now, lol!

OK, if you decided to stick around (or you came back : ) ), I have a freebie for you. I’ve been playing around with some actions from Delicious Scraps and Josy Carson, and I thought maybe someone could use the results. I just called the collection Bubble Gum. Gee, I wonder how I came up with that name. Real original, I know. But, if you can use any of it, be sure to grab it. (Then head over to that sale at Butterfly Blush Designs!!!)


Click the preview to download. Enjoy! (BTW, have you been to the $0.99 sale at Butterfly Blush Designs, yet?) Wink, wink.

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So, what do you all think of the papers? Aren’t the colors just yummy? I’ve got the elements for you today, as promised. There are a bunch more than in the preview, but I didn’t want to make it look too cluttered, ya know?

Oh, and I’ve got some products I hope to be releasing this week. I’ve finally gotten back to my zoo kit, but then had inspiration hit! I’m going to release it as three different kits, so that you can pick the one that fits your style best. One will be a wood edition with all carved animals, carved frames, and carved word art. The second kit will be a leather kit. Then, the third kit will be a chipboard kit. Cool, huh? I’m working on wrapping up the wood kit now. Hopefully, it will be in my stores on Monday! I already gave you a sneak peak, but I might have a freebie to go with it, too!

Anyway, back to the point of this post: your elements! Click the preview to download from 4Shared. Enjoy!


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Happy Sunday, all!

I snagged some awesome PSE actions from Atomic Cupcake and have been having a blast playing around with them! I now have so many neat elements sitting on my computer, lol. I thought maybe I would offer them up as PU/CU freebies in case anybody can use them. What I have today is a set of heart bling. This is such a cool action! When I was working on my daughter’s baby scrapbook, I searched high and low for bling that spelled her name. I finally had to buy two different names and cut and paste, lol. How much easier it would have been if I was working digitally!

Anyway, here’s the bling! I hope you can use it. Click the preview to download.

My Sample Bag

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While I was cleaning up the debris from my Greener Seaweed kit, I came across a poor little mermaid who somehow got left behind. She was supposed to go into the Add-On, but must have been off singing with her friends while I was putting it together. If you can use her in your layouts, she’s here at the bottom of this post.

I’ve started working on my next kit already.  It’s going to be a kids kit for scrapping your pics of your children at play. It’s going to feature a set of kid stickers that I hand drew. Here’s a sample:


I’m hoping to get this kit finished and in the stores this weekend.

Here’s the mermaid. Click the preview to download. Enjoy!

My Sample Bag

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My darling daughter and I both have birthdays coming up, so I thought it was only fitting that I make a birthday kit next! This kit has 12 full size papers and over 40 elements. It’s geared towards kids’ parties but why stop there? You can pick it up for $3.50 in my stores at Butterfly Blush Designs or Scrap Heaven Boutique. Just click the store blinkies on the right to go to my store.

Happy Birthday Kit

And here is your freebie… the Add-On! It will be available until next Monday. Then it goes in the dollar bin at my store! Click the preview to download. Enjoy!

AddOn Preview

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