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This week’s challenge at Stuff to Scrap was to create a mini-kit using a picture of a quilt made by Deanna as inspiration. I looked at the pics she gave us and thought for a long time. Then, I made a list of all the things that came to mind when I examined the quilt. The list included ideas such as farms, outdoors, playgrounds, tea parties, birthdays, pets, dinosaurs, even boo-boos, lol. I wanted my kit to be original, and I know there really aren’t enough “boy” kits out there, so I decided to do a dinosaur kit!

I hand-drew the dinosaurs using my new Bamboo pen tablet and made my own frames using wood textures that I had photographed and glitter that I created. I really like this kit and plan to add to it and turn it into a full-size kit when this competition is done! Click the preview to get the download links from the Stuff to Scrap forum, then scroll down for a quick page freebie that I made using my kit. Be sure to stop by Stuff to Scrap on Friday and Saturday to vote for me! Thanks and I hope you are enjoying the freebies!

And here is the QP freebie. Click the preview to download from 4Shared.

Happy Scrapping!


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It’s Week 2 of the Designer Darling Contest at Stuff to Scrap and that means more freebies for you!!!

This week was quite a challenge. We had a really bright palette to work with and could only use the CU items provided by Deanna from Flower Scraps and things that we made ourselves. So, I spent Monday evening running around my house taking pictures of everything from my kitchen floor to my son’s bedroom curtains, looking for some fantastic textures for my papers. Check out the green plaid! It’s from a pair of shorts that got handed down to my son! Then, Tuesday, I scanned in a piece of aluminum foil to make the texture for my alpha and guitar. There is a wonderful tutorial on the Stuff to Scrap forum for making glitter! I love the way it turned out! I used the sponge filter to add some lighter “sparkle!” I am so glad I joined this competition! I am learning so much!

Anyway, click the preview to head over to Stuff to Scrap so you can snag my entry (look in the Week 2: Challenge Previews). Don’t forget to vote for me while you are there! Then, scroll down and pick up another freebie. It’s an add-on to my Week 1 Entry, “A Winter’s Day!”

I hope you like my entry! Aren’t those colors bright? Oh, and check out that flower! It was growing in my garden this past summer! I just love lilies! That is it’s natural color! Perfect for this color palette, don’t you think???

As promised, here is the add-on to my week 1 entry.  Click the preview to download from 4Shared. I don’t think I’ll have an add-on for Week 2. As fun as this kit was to make, I just don’t like the colors, lol. I’ll have to think of something else good for you!

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

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All the contestants in the Designer Darling Challenge at Stuff to Scrap are starting to put their free mini-kits up on the blog! I put mine there yesterday! Click the preview of my mini-kit, “A Winter’s Day,” to pick up my entry as well as that of the other contestants. Then, scroll down for a free template from me!

I made several of the elements myself! Some are scanned and extracted, like the snowflakes, others I hand-drew, like the mittens! I hope you enjoy the kit and are able to make good use of it!

Now, another freebie for you! I made a template of my layout from yesterday. At this time, it’s only in .psd format. Again, just click the preview of the template to download it from 4Shared.

I hope you enjoy all the great freebies! If you like my work, please vote for me in the Designer Darling folder at the Stuff to Scrap Gallery! And, please come back next week for my Week 2 assignment!

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

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Hi, guys! It’s been a busy month so far! We had VBS at church, a picnic, and playdates. Plus, I’ve been getting ready to go back to work after 4 months off (next week!!!ahhhh!!!) I’m back today with previews of my two newest kits, an amazing sale, and a freebie for you.

First, here is my newest full size kit, “On Vacation: Southwest.” Inspired by my parents’ trip to Arizona, this kit is available at Scrap It Sassy and Digital Paper Hearts.

On Vacation: Southwest - Click Image to CloseThen, I made my first Tagger Size kit, “Desert Rose,”  using the same color scheme and theme. It’s available at Butterfly Blush Designs and Scrap Heaven Boutique. (Don’t forget, I’m the Spotlight Designer this week at SHB!)

Desert Rose by StrawBeary Designs

Scrap It Sassy is having a HUGE, one hour only sale! Everything is $1!!!!!! Be sure to snag my new kit! Happy shopping!

And, now, for your freebie! It’s the Add-On to my full size kit, “On Vacation: Southwest!” Just click the preview to download from 4Shared. Enjoy!


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Good morning! I have a got a ton of stuff to share today!

First of all, it’s my birthday this weekend. Since I decided that I will always be thirty, it only fits that it’s a 30% off sale!


Be sure to visit my stores at Butterfly Blush Designs and Scrap Heaven Boutique to take advantage of this sale!

Next line of business: I’m going to be opening up shop at Scrap It Sassy, too! Well, you might say, so what? You already have shops where we can get your stuff. The difference is that SIS will carry exclusive kits that you can’t find at my other stores.  Plus, the advantage for you to having different stores is that each store has special collaboration kits and sales that are unique, so you can be sure to get the best deals!

I posted updated TOU’s on my About page. Be sure to check there if you want to use my stuff beyond personal use. Also, you can e-mail me with any questions: strawbearybows@aol.com

I have several new kits in the works! I was just working on one, but I kept thinking about another one, too. Then, I got these awesome actions from Atomic Cupcake which got me excited about yet another project. Soooo, be on the look out for This Place Is a Zoo, which will be available at BBD and SHB, America, an exclusive for SIS, and a remastering of my Hungry Caterpillars kit!

If you’ve stuck with me this far, I think you deserve a freebie! Here’s a sneak peek at my new kit, This Place Is a Zoo. The full size kit will feature carved wood, chipboard, and tooled leather pieces with lots of fun animal prints and colors. Today’s freebie features the Scrappin’ Cop’s animal doodles carved in wood, plus an animal print paper. These won’t be in the kit, so be sure to snag them now! Click the preview to download from 4Shared.

Sneak Peek

Have a great day!

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Introducing “MyKidz by Strawbeary Designs!”

I have another new kit in the stores! It is based on my drawings of stick children. This one is the Girls Edition. I hope to have the Boys Edition finished and in the stores next week! I hope you like it!


You can find it for $3.50 at the stores on the right side bar. Just click the blinkies!

Now, here is a freebie for you! It is the Add-On for my new kit. I hope you can use it! Click the preview to download.

Add-On Preview

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I finished my new kit and it’s available in my stores! I absolutely love the papers and some of the elements are hand drawn by me. You can get it for $3.50 at Butterfly Blush Designs and Scrap Heaven Boutique.


Today’s freebie is the add-on to my kit. The three papers are actually photographs  I took of the Carribbean and Atlantic Oceans from my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Click the preview to download. Enjoy!


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