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Hi, folks! I’m supposed to be on vacation this week, but we’re taking a stay-cation, so here I am. If you haven’t heard of a stay-cation before, it’s when you stay home and do things locally that you wouldn’t normally do. So far, we’ve taken the kids to the park, had breakfast out, and visited a mall we don’t usually go to. Tomorrow, dh is going golfing and I am taking the kids to a free movie at our local mall. Anyway…

Here is my latest kit: This Place Is A Zoo Wood Edition. It has 12 wooden animals, plus wood frames and word art. I learned how to make patterns from my papers, and then used those patterns to make bows from actions. So… everything coordinates! You can find this kit in all of my stores (blinkies are on the right!)

TPWEPreview copy

Now, I have a present for you. When you were a kid, did your grandmother keep treats for you in her hand bag? My great grandmother used to have candies for us, usually butterscotches and Certs (although she was from Baltimore, so she called them Zerts). As an alternative to the grab bag, I offer you my Grandmother’s Hand Bag, loaded with freebies for you! Whatever could be inside? If you peek inside and decide to leave me a message, be sure not to give away the surprise! Click the bag to open it. Enjoy!



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