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Thanks so much for all of your votes last week! I was excited to see that my dinos were such a hit!

This week, our challenge at Stuff to Scrap was to photograph and extract 3 items all by ourselves. They could be personal use or commercial use. I wanted to be unique, but still give you something you could use. So, I photographed a bow that I made for my daughter, bunny ears, and an Easter egg. I’ve included both the original photographed objects and the desaturated copies. I hope you are able to find them useful! (((Hop))) on over to Stuff to Scrap to download ’em. They are Commercial Use friendly, no credit required. I just ask that you modify them in some way or include them in a personal use/S4H kit. Don’t forget to stop back by Stuff to Scrap once the voting opens and vote for me! After you snag my Easter stuff, come back to my blog for some more CU freebies!

Click the preview to get the download links!

Your second freebie is a an opened plastic Easter egg. Maybe you can fill it with candy and treats? I was going to use it instead of the closed egg, but I just couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted to. After I submitted my entry, I took a break then came back and finished extracting this one. So, here you go! Just click the preview to download from 4Shared.

Enjoy and happy scrapping!

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This week’s challenge at Stuff to Scrap was to create a mini-kit using a picture of a quilt made by Deanna as inspiration. I looked at the pics she gave us and thought for a long time. Then, I made a list of all the things that came to mind when I examined the quilt. The list included ideas such as farms, outdoors, playgrounds, tea parties, birthdays, pets, dinosaurs, even boo-boos, lol. I wanted my kit to be original, and I know there really aren’t enough “boy” kits out there, so I decided to do a dinosaur kit!

I hand-drew the dinosaurs using my new Bamboo pen tablet and made my own frames using wood textures that I had photographed and glitter that I created. I really like this kit and plan to add to it and turn it into a full-size kit when this competition is done! Click the preview to get the download links from the Stuff to Scrap forum, then scroll down for a quick page freebie that I made using my kit. Be sure to stop by Stuff to Scrap on Friday and Saturday to vote for me! Thanks and I hope you are enjoying the freebies!

And here is the QP freebie. Click the preview to download from 4Shared.

Happy Scrapping!

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It’s Week 2 of the Designer Darling Contest at Stuff to Scrap and that means more freebies for you!!!

This week was quite a challenge. We had a really bright palette to work with and could only use the CU items provided by Deanna from Flower Scraps and things that we made ourselves. So, I spent Monday evening running around my house taking pictures of everything from my kitchen floor to my son’s bedroom curtains, looking for some fantastic textures for my papers. Check out the green plaid! It’s from a pair of shorts that got handed down to my son! Then, Tuesday, I scanned in a piece of aluminum foil to make the texture for my alpha and guitar. There is a wonderful tutorial on the Stuff to Scrap forum for making glitter! I love the way it turned out! I used the sponge filter to add some lighter “sparkle!” I am so glad I joined this competition! I am learning so much!

Anyway, click the preview to head over to Stuff to Scrap so you can snag my entry (look in the Week 2: Challenge Previews). Don’t forget to vote for me while you are there! Then, scroll down and pick up another freebie. It’s an add-on to my Week 1 Entry, “A Winter’s Day!”

I hope you like my entry! Aren’t those colors bright? Oh, and check out that flower! It was growing in my garden this past summer! I just love lilies! That is it’s natural color! Perfect for this color palette, don’t you think???

As promised, here is the add-on to my week 1 entry.  Click the preview to download from 4Shared. I don’t think I’ll have an add-on for Week 2. As fun as this kit was to make, I just don’t like the colors, lol. I’ll have to think of something else good for you!

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

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All the contestants in the Designer Darling Challenge at Stuff to Scrap are starting to put their free mini-kits up on the blog! I put mine there yesterday! Click the preview of my mini-kit, “A Winter’s Day,” to pick up my entry as well as that of the other contestants. Then, scroll down for a free template from me!

I made several of the elements myself! Some are scanned and extracted, like the snowflakes, others I hand-drew, like the mittens! I hope you enjoy the kit and are able to make good use of it!

Now, another freebie for you! I made a template of my layout from yesterday. At this time, it’s only in .psd format. Again, just click the preview of the template to download it from 4Shared.

I hope you enjoy all the great freebies! If you like my work, please vote for me in the Designer Darling folder at the Stuff to Scrap Gallery! And, please come back next week for my Week 2 assignment!

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

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Trick or Treat?

Want a fun way to pick up some great freebies? Head over to BBD! We’re having a Halloween party! All of the designers have a free grab bag for you! The catch is, some of the bags are empty. You won’t know which until you unzip! Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? Plus, all my stuff is just $1 this weekend! See you there!

Trick Or Treat

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Hey, there! Here is the 2nd blog train I promised! 100 Designers this time! Just think of the kit you’ll have!


Just click the preview to download. And be sure to check back next week… we’ve got something up our sleeves at Butterfly Blush Designs.

After you download my part, head over to the next stop:

Jeanne Marie’s Scraps: http://jeanne-maries-scraps.blogspot.com/

If you just boarded the train, you can go to http://www.blogtrainblog.blogspot.com and catch the  blogs you missed.

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Hello!  It’s the beginning of a new month and you know what that means… Blog Train Time! I’ve got two trains for you this month. The first the Stuff to Scrap train: Afternoon Delight. Let me tell you, I have been driving my husband crazy singing that song this past month, lol.  What’s funny about it is that I keep singing the same two lines over and over.

Before I post the link to my part, I wanted to tell you about a designer program I joined at Scrap It Sassy. Erin, the owner, is awesome, and she put together this fantastic workshop. I’m hoping this will help me grow as a designer and put together better and better kits! It’s called the Secret Sassy Designers. There is a special going on right now. If you buy anything in the store, you get an order number. If your number matches one of the numbers Erin has posted, you get to pick a free item from any of the Secret Sassy Designers. Stop by and check it out!!!


Now, here is the STS blog train!

StrawBeary_AfternoonDelight_PreviewJust click the preview to download from 4Shared. Then, head over to the next stop. Be sure to check back later for the 2nd blog  train. It has 100 designers on board!!!!

STS Blog Train:
Digi-designs by Nicole
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Scraps N Pieces
Grandmas Templates
Desertgirl Designs
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Seal Scraps
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Midnight Scrapping
Tricia’s Treasures
Always Be Neighbors Designs
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Dream Big Designs
a thousand words by Brooke
Adriana’s Cafe
Digi-Scrapz by Christi
The Scrappy Kat
moms unique possibilities
Chubby Bird Blog
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Saphira’s Scrapdesign
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Citygurl Creations
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Little Red Scraps
StrawBearyDesigns <—- You are here!!!
Mad Genius Designs

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