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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I was so excited to see that during the last two days over 700 people have been riding along on the STS Blog Train, and that 270 of you have downloaded my part! I really enjoy designing the elements and papers for these kits, and I am so glad that you all are finding my stuff useful!

There are a bunch of 4th of July sales going on this weekend, so be sure to stop by my stores to get some great deals on my kits! This flier from Butterfly Blush Designs was created by Deb using my “Feelin’ Patriotic” mini kit.

Be sure to stop by Scrap It Sassy and Scrap Heaven Boutique, too!

Now, this is where the title of my post comes in. I was working on a kit to put in my stores for Canada Day, but I just kinda lost my steam on it. I’m still not sure that it’s exactly where I want it to be. Maybe one day I’ll get motivated again and add a bunch more papers and elements, but until then, I’m going to offer it up as a freebie for you all. I’ll probably leave it up here for a week, and then stick it in the dollar bin at my stores. I absolutely love the colors I was working with! I’m not a Canadian, but I did do some research for this kit, so hopefully it will pass muster, lol. Today I have the papers for you. Come back tomorrow for the elements. Click the preview to download from 4Shared.

By the way, check out my newest preview.  I’m still working to develop something that I really like. If you get the chance, leave me a comment here or on 4Shared letting my know what you think of it. I might offer my old one up as a freebie some time this month. 



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My darling daughter and I both have birthdays coming up, so I thought it was only fitting that I make a birthday kit next! This kit has 12 full size papers and over 40 elements. It’s geared towards kids’ parties but why stop there? You can pick it up for $3.50 in my stores at Butterfly Blush Designs or Scrap Heaven Boutique. Just click the store blinkies on the right to go to my store.

Happy Birthday Kit

And here is your freebie… the Add-On! It will be available until next Monday. Then it goes in the dollar bin at my store! Click the preview to download. Enjoy!

AddOn Preview

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I am SO EXCITED about my new mini kit! I just love the way the elements are turning out. Just wait until you see them! I am experimenting with different effects to make them look like they have come from a children’s book.

Just like last week, I’ll give away the different parts on separate days this week. Today you get the papers! Be sure to check back for the elements (they might be in two downloads if I get carried away), an alpha, and a blank invitation. Also, I should have some more templates and layouts.

Without further ado, here are the papers. Just click the preview to download. Enjoy!

Caterpillar Paper Preview

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Here are the Feelin’ Patriotic Elements I promised! There are 13 elements and I only used 2 CU elements (and I even changed those up!) I am so proud of myself, lol. I am starting to figure this PSE stuff out. Yay!

On to other things: Rustic Charm Creations just released two brand new kits in her store! I’ll be back tomorrow with my layouts from the first kit, “Rainy Days.” It is such a cute kit! I am excited to start playing with it.

Here’s the elements! Just click the preview to download.


***Link Has Expired***

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had fantastic weather and got to spend Saturday morning outside with the kids. We were supposed to go to New York, but that didn’t work out. So, instead of spending hours on the road today, I started making my first freebie kit! I decided to go with an Americana 4th of July theme. Maybe I was inspired by my flair attempt. Anyway, here are the papers. I hope you like them! I’ll have the elements finished later this week.




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